Childhood Memories

My sister and I were recently contacted on Facebook by a childhood friend that we have not been in contact with for over 40 years.   Just the initial contact alone brought back many memories of our childhood, playing with Barbie dolls, playing dress up with plastic wigs, imitating the band The Monkeys and fighting over who would be Davie Jones.  I was instantly transported back to an elementary school age girl, sitting on the floor of our friend’s bedroom playing with our Barbie dolls, or picking fruit off of the trees in their backyard for an afternoon treat.

This long lost friend asked if we could set up a dinner date where we could reconnect and we met last week for the first time in 40+ years.  Four women; two sets of sisters, who had the common thread of a childhood where we were free to roam the streets in search of playmates as long as we were home by dinner time.  We reminisced about an era-gone-by where children could be children and communities and families lived life together.  If I was out in the community and did something that went against the values of our family, my mother knew about it before I got home.  We reminisced about our childhood, and laughed so hard that I thought we were going to be thrown out of the restaurant at one particular point.

As with all communities, there are tragedies and we also remembered with sadness, a certain family where a fatal car accident took the life of the mother and the family just seemed to die emotionally, spiritually and physically from that point on.

Hopefully, childhood memories consist of stories of playing and learning through play.  I understand that not all of us have those cherished memories and some are impacted like our friend mentioned above.  Unfortunately tragedy  happens, and as children we need the strength of the community and loved ones to help us navigate through such events.

Our childhood should be about learning how to interact with others and become a part of a community outside of your immediate family.  It should be about learning how to connect with others whose family life might be completely different from your own family life.  It should be about learning about other cultures and family values that help us transition from childhood into adulthood.

What did we learn from playing with our Barbie dolls, or playing dress up, or fighting over who would be Davie Jones?  We learned that every individual has an important part of each formed community and every individual has something to offer.  Not everyone can be Barbie or Ken, but everyone has something to bring to the table. We learned to compromise with others and how to share with others.  We learned to be respectful of others.  We learned that communities are important in molding us and shaping us into young adults.  I am thankful for my childhood and I am thankful for a childhood friend who took the initiative to contact us and reconnect.





About gemmygem2013

I am a hospice chaplain, wife of 30 years and a woman with a heart for hope and healing and hospitality. The word "Bikos" is a Greek word which means Earthen Vessel. My life prayer has been "Make me a vessel that brings honor and glory to Your name." This is taken from the scripture verse that talks about becoming a vessel of honor 2 Timothy 2:20; "Now in a large house there are not only gold and silver vessels, but also vessels of wood and of earthenware, and some to honor and some to dishonor." As a human, I see myself as a vessel seeking to bring honor to God through all that I say and all that I do. Sometimes that vessel is solid and strong, bringing honor and glory to God's name, and sometimes that vessel is cracked, in need of repair. As a hospice chaplain, I see the individuals and families that I work with as vessels of God, seeking either to be healed or seeking to bring healing to the world around them. Either way, we are all vessels of God, The Divine One, The God of Relationships. It is my belief that we are all seeking how to live in relationship with ourselves, with others, and with God. Some are further along on this path than others. This blog will be about myself as I learn what it means to become a vessel of honor and glory, about my life as a hospice chaplain, and the struggles I deal with in the day to day journey walking with others in hospice and in life. Blessings and Shalom
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2 Responses to Childhood Memories

  1. Rita Puckett says:

    I am blessed to have and call you my cousin! Aunt Chris and Uncle Hank would be so very proud of the legacy you wish to leave in your life’s journey, as well as your walk and heartfelt love for God, and people!

    It takes a very special person to give hope, pray for and share your respective attributes for those lost, hurting, dying, grieving! I’m sure it effects you in various ways, of which you are left to deal with!

    God planted your feet and heart where you can share and be a blessing to Him as well as others! Your other blessings consist of being a wife, friend, sister, cousin, employee and aunt! Just know I am proud of you, love you, and will be praying for God’s strength and guidance in each of your footsteps! Carry on, press forward, touching hearts, also hopefully winning souls for our Lord! ♡♡♡

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